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Greeting to Almateya web site visitors!

Our company was created 9 years ago. It has at its disposal high-quality specialists with rich and successful work experience. Currently we are one of the most developing companies. A distinctive feature of our company is individual approach to each client.

Almateya will offer you a wide range of services connected with flat rent in Kiev. Our apartments don’t give in to the best city hotels, but our prices are lower. Flat rent price includes: tidying of rooms, change of bedclothes and towels every three days of staying (more frequent tidying and washing of personal things is for extra pay); heating, water supply, electricity, telephone conversation within a city, internet(for extra pay).

Pay time is 12:00. If there is a necessity to leave the apartment later, you have to inform in advance. Staying in an apartment until 5 p.m. will cost 50% of you daily rent pay. If you leave after 5 p.m., you have to pay the full fee. If needed, we can give you a document confirming rent payment. Non-cash payment is available.

You can reserve a suitable apartment for the period of more then four days. For this, please, write a letter or contact us on the phones. Payment in advance is equal one day. Staying fee which will further be included iv your rent pay. If by any reasons your have to cancel your reservation, money paid in advance won’t be refunded.It will be our compensation.

квартира посуточно на Льва Толстого, Киев Квартира посуточно, Красноармейская 45, Киев квартира посуточно Киев, Бассейная 17

5a Lva Tolstogo str

45 Krasnoarmeiskaya

17 Basseinaya

квартира посуточно, Красноармейская 54, Киев Квартира посуточно, Бульвар Леси Украинки 6, Киев Квартира посуточно, Красноармейская 45, Киев

54 Krasnoarmeiskaya

6 blvd.Lesi Ukrainky

45 Krasnoarmeiskaya

квартира посуточно, Бульвар Тараса Шевченка 2, Киев квартира посуточно, Льва Толстого 5а, Киев квартира посуточно, Шелковичная 46/48, Киев

2 blvd. Tarasa Shevchenka

5a Lva Tolstogo str

46/48 Shelkovichnaya

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Sleeping places
1-room apartments
Pushkinskaya 31b
55$ / day

2-room apartments
Basseinaya 17, 002
80$ / day

3-room apartments
Bulv. Lesi Ukrainky 2
100$ / day

Almateya, 01001 Kiev, 21 Khreschatyk, office 31, Ukraine

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